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How to Launch, Grow, & Sustain a Thriving Creator Community

By Team Geneva x Norby

Last week, we teamed up with our friends at Norby, to bring together their Grow Your Orbit group and our Geneva Leaders for a conversation on what it takes to successfully launch, grow, and sustain a thriving community. Along the way, we got personal insights and anecdotes from a few of our fave community builders like Priscilla Agyeman of Saddie Baddies, Shyne Webster of Designed by Shyne, and Skylar Saba of Happy Earth Habits.

Let’s dive in to see what they had to say!

Launch time

To prep folks for launching a community, we spoke with Priscilla Agyeman, the founder of Saddie Baddies, a virtual sanctuary dedicated to removing the stigma surrounding mental health for Black and Brown communities. We asked Priscilla, how did you turn your seed of an idea into action? Here’s some of the fire wisdom she dropped:

  • Know your “why” (a.k.a. set your intention!) — Setting an intention will help you build, grow, and stay consistent, and it will help you sustain your motivation and community long term. Come back to your “why” when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or lost, it’s your source of truth when making big (or small) decisions as you grow.
  • Create a “foundational” Instagram page to create awareness — From there, branch out to additional social platforms like a podcast, newsletter, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, or YouTube, and, of course, bring your people together in a home on Geneva. PRO TIP: Norby seamlessly houses all of these spaces and more in one place so you can stay organized!

Grow your circle

Once you’ve established your community, it’s time to reach beyond your immediate network! Shyne Webster, the founder and brand strategist behind Designed By Shyne, has some tips that she was kind enough to share, including:

  • See what’s working, and hone in on it — After dropping a clothing collection in April 2020 that sold out in less than 30 minutes, Shyne realized there was a high demand for her approach to brand strategy and design, and was motivated to continue growing her biz into a creative studio rooted in what sets her apart from other agencies – collaboration and passion – and continued to create even bigger initiatives for her clients. You can take a look at her client work here!
  • More events, please — Whether you host an exclusive event for your private community members or an IG Live for your wider audience or even just share content from the events on social media and/or your blog (and lowkey create a little FOMO), people will become intrigued about what’s going on inside, and they’ll enter to check it out!

Sustain the momentum

So your community is growing – now what? Luckily for us, Skylar Saba of Happy Earth Habits & Club Happy Earth walked us through some of her tips and resources for keeping momentum and avoiding burn out.

  • Invest in YOU — Skylar knows the importance of investing in yourself. She started working with a business strategy coach and also started going to therapy to help keep her steady as a leader, boss, partner, friend & sister/daughter.
  • Stickers, monthly vibes, Social Bungalow, oh my! — In order to monetize and keep her community engaged, Skylar uses tools including StickerApp to design branded stickers that she uses as promotional incentives for new member acquisition, Canva to easily create graphics for her Vibe of The Month content (where she picks a topic each month to do live hangs, workshops, collabs and giveaways around), and Social Bungalow for tips on scaling.

Ready to start your own community?

Here’s a guide to setting up your home on Geneva and don’t forget to head over to Norby’s site to learn more about how you can simplify and streamline your marketing channels.