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Introducing Home Discovery

By Geneva Team

If you're looking to meet new people and make new friends, we've got some exciting news: You can now find and request to join some of the public communities that live on Geneva!

Since the early days, we’ve consistently heard from people looking to discover new communities AND from community leaders looking to welcome more people into their homes. This new in-app “Home Discovery” experiment helps with both. It's just in beta for now, but we're planning to open this up to more communities over time.

So have a look (here, and in the iPhone app) and if you see a community or two that seem up your alley, request to join!

If you're the leader of community that you want to be included in something like this in the future, tell us more about it here.

The Conversationalist is a Gen-Z community centered around unbiased discussion and breaking out of our own echo chambers. They’re all about having conversations, no matter how difficult, in order to hear and learn from all points of view. The mission? To help young people come together and unify the world ✨

Request to Join The Conversationalist

Club Happy Earth is "a heart-centered community full of earth lovers" started by tiktok creator Skylar Saba that’s all about learning, exploring, and finding other humans that are interested in conscious topics that help support Mama Earth! They share tips & tricks, conscious outfit inspo, recipes, resources, and more!

Request to join Club Happy Earth

Run by the sustainable period care brand August, the Inner Cycle is a tight-knit community of over 2k menstruators and non-menstruators working everyday to reimagine the period experience to be more empowering and inclusive.

Request to join The Inner Cycle

If you love to travel and find hidden gems around the world, this community’s for you! It's led by the team behind this awesome new travel app "for tourists who want to feel like locals and locals that want to feel like tourists." The heart of the community is in LA, but there are folks everywhere!

Request to join Camber

Started by style and self-care creator Olivia Osborne, Philly Gals is a network of women in Philadelphia who’ve come together to uplift each other, make new friends, and build community in the city of brotherly love. If that sounds like you, get involved!

Request to join Philly Gals

This fashion-focused community started as a newsletter by Cole Habersham (otherwise known as @cashmeretote) and has become a fun and safe space for more than 200 fashion lovers, novices, and friends.

Request to join Encyclopedias in Training

Are you a high schooler looking to connect with others prepping for college? This group led by Brown University freshman Sarah Frank might be for you!

Request to join Frank Advice

Find Your Offline is an online community started by Madi Beumee for everyone thinking about how to find joy offline! It's NYC-based, but everyone's welcome.

Request to join Find Your Offline

You may already be one of the 6.5 million people following @feminist on IG — now you can join this safe space (away from the chaos of social media) for feminists from all walks of life.

Request to join Femiverse by Feminist

1-800-DESIGN is a collaborative community where creatives and designers around the world come to network, learn, and grow together! As founder Barbiana Liu explains, "we hope to provide value and inspiration to everyone because there is no better feeling than connecting with other creatives.”

Request to join 1-800-DESIGN

If you're a woman looking to create a healthy relationship with fitness through self love, you’ll love this community led by fitness trainer and TikTok star Tanaya Nicole.

Request to join Sis We On The Move

saddie baddies is a virtual sanctuary where young Black and multiracial people can have open and honest discussions about mental health, wellness and lived experiences. The group is led by Priscilla O. Agyeman, MPH, a public health professional and mental health advocate.

Request to join saddie baddies