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Meet the first web3 communities on Geneva

By Geneva Team

Two weeks ago, we launched our first native web3 features (in private beta) and we were overwhelmed with the response. Turns out there are a ton of communities, both new and existing, looking to experiment with new forms of governance and ownership and many of them are looking for a more intuitive and organized place to call their online home.

After dozens of conversations, we've chosen 6 of the most forward-thinking communities to be part of our first group of web3 community partners, working hand-in-hand with us to learn and create together.

Here’s a quick overview of the communities in their own words and how you can get involved with each!

(By the way, if you’re building a web3 community and want access to our wallet connect & token-gating beta features and/or are interested in being part of our next group of web3 community partners, email our head of community, Kim, at kim@geneva.com)

Snax 👁✨🔮

Started by Andrea Hernandez

Tell us about Snax!
Our community is for anyone who, like us, is into worshipping sexy pantry items and sultry snax, for anyone who like any regular snaxboi, loves to peruse through the beverage aisles of Erewhon, deciding between CBD + nootropic or THC + adaptogen. Where we acknowledge that pantry items want to be seen and that retailers should give us what we want, groceries with a side of aesthetics! Snaxshot is a vibe, rebelliousness, playfulness, discovery, adventure and community. This platform serves its users, whether you’re a brand, agency, retailer, fund, or just a regular snaxer, there is something for you here.

Why did you start the community originally?
Because it didn’t exist! Most communities in this space where subjected to being on either side of a spectrum, consumer (outsider) or industry (insider) -- we wanted to create a space that served as an intermediary but also a necessary pushback, a love letter to curation in the form of pantry items, allowing for people to ask what an adaptogen was without being shunned out of Erewhon, a place where a snaxboi can be a snaxboi.

What made you decide to bring your community to Geneva?
Intentionality around design, which is something that is rarely given to the community, to be cognizant of how detrimental excess of information and notifications are to one’s psyche and being able to build something more tailored towards the needs of our community, and less around trying to capture FOMO, attention, or having to pay to “boost” tailored community engagement.

What’s the Snax future you dream of?
I advocate for win-win structures —where we can all reap benefits from doing what we enjoy the most. So in my ideal future, snaxers get to reap rewards from engaging in behaviors that are inherent to them: discovery, signaling and sharing!

How can someone learn more about Snax?
Follow @thesnaxshot on twitter!

Black Girl Magik ✨

Started by Shydeia Caldwell

Tell us about Black Girl Magik!
Since 2015, Black Girl Magik (BGM) has been a leading change agent in empowering Black Women to awaken their healer within. We have been successful at this through wellness activations & check-ins, our nationwide tour, and now forthcoming educational wellness platform: Sanctuary School.

How and why did the community get started?
Shydeia Caldwell founded Black Girl Magik in response to her experience longing for sisterhood, healing, and community. She identified a need for an integrative approach to wellness which inspired Sanctuary School’s 4 pillars — ancestral traditions & healing, mental health, holistic health, and energy healing.

What made you decide to bring your community to Geneva?
Geneva’s design to facilitate organized, ongoing conversations mirrors BGM’s intention to create a space for and by Black women to learn, heal, and create together. When we hear about friendships or collaborations initiated at our tour, events, or check-ins we know our work is creating a ripple effect in the lives and communities of those women. Geneva will help us to not only keep the conversation going, but to build sisterhood and community that helps BGM’s members to walk in their purpose with the tools, connections, and support they deserve.

Why are you building your community with web3 tools?
We decided to create a tokenized Web3 community because through attending NFT and ETH conferences in the US we noticed the lack of wellness and Black women representation in the space. In addition, we want to create a community that not only encompasses Black women but also people who truly support and care about the overall well-being of Black women. BGM’s forthcoming Sanctuary School is designed as a hybrid digital & IRL educational platform for Black women to find sisterhood and community. Building our community within web3 is a natural extension of our intention to create places for authentic connection rooted in our integrated wellness philosophy.

What’s the Black Girl Magik future you dream of?
At BGM we dream of a future where Black women are empowered to heal, connect with their roots, and walk in their purpose with the support of community.

How can people learn more about Black Girl Magik and get involved?
Follow @blackgirlmagik on instagram or twitter! You can also sign up for the Sanctuary School waitlist here.

Crypto Witch Club 🔮 ❤️‍🔥 🙌 🌈

What is Crypto Witch Club and why did you start it?
We started investing in crypto in 2017 and — while we believed in the technology and were excited to learn — we couldn’t find a supportive, female-driven community that made sense for us. After 5 years of investing, we decided to create the community we wanted so badly for ourselves — with a focus on getting more women and marginalized groups into web3 (because web3 is a space for everyone).

Why are you building your community with web3 tools?
We believe in the power of content creators, community, and digital ownership. We’re excited to show our community what digital ownership and web3 can offer when we launch our Club Cards that give back perks — like education-driven airdrops and access to exclusive events for community members.

What made you decide to move your community on to Geneva?
Our community on social media has been asking for a community channel for a LONG TIME — but we didn’t find the right fit until Geneva. Geneva allows us to connect deeper with our community and provide web3 educational tools in an authentic way — no bots allowed!

How can someone learn more about Crypto Witch Club and get involved?
Follow us on IG (@cryptowitchclub) or twitter (also @cryptowitchclub), or check out our website!

Creator Mode Studios 🎛 🚀 💡

Started by James Andrews

What is Creator Mode? Creator Mode Studios is designed with the belief that great ideas, companies, impact organizations will be built in Web3 using blockchain technologies. Our community will be made up of entrepreneurs, corporate brand leaders, investors, creatives, and media/influencers. They are the music artist, restaurant founder, clothing designer, crypto fund manager, NFT digital futurist, and more...

Why did you start Creator Mode? We started Creator Mode Studios after spending the last 25 years working in entertainment and creating superstars, developing digital brand products for Fortune 100 and navigating the world of Venture Capital as an investor. My career started in Web ZERO, I built companies in Web 1 and Web 2 and am excited about Web 3. We want to identify great companies that we think will scale utilizing blockchain, de-fi, tokens, DAO’s and NFT’s. Our entry point for the community is through programming, education and experiences. For the last 5 years we have been doing this with The Authenticated, the community built out of Authenticated Ventures, the parent organization. Creator Mode was born while spending most of our time creating content and experiences during the COVID lockdown in both Geneva and Clubhouse.

How can someone learn more about Creator Mode Studios and get involved
We’ll be sharing more soon. Follow James and Parisa on twitter for updates.

HerHouse 💪❤️✨👯‍♀️

Started by Alexa Lombardo and Candace Stewart

What is HerHouse?
HerHouse is an ecosystem of women and non-binary builders in web3. We foster meaningful connections through IRL gatherings, living room hangouts & workshops. Currently a DAO In Name Only, we're excited to gradually bring our community on-chain and are committed to establishing shared ownership over time.

Why did you start the community?
We saw a need for a community focused on nurturing relationships between women building in the space so that they could support one another, share knowledge, collaborate and ultimately fuel a more friendly environment for female entrepreneurs. Tech drives our world and more women need to drive tech.

What's the future you dream of?
It changes daily! But essentially a support ecosystem for female and non-binary founders that is rooted in close relationships and meaningful interactions, plus actually getting funding.

What's made you want to move your community onto Geneva?
We are outgrowing WhatsApp and know our community does not want to use discord, plus we love that Geneva has a history of supporting womens communities and hiring women.

How can someone learn more about HerHouse and get involved?
You can read our community’s manifesto here and follow us on twitter at @herhouse_io.

xCollective 👩‍🎤 💫

Started by Rachel Price Sitman

What is xCollective?
xCollective is a professional growth community, with a mission to open ~virtual~ doors, focused on empowering women and nonbinary people in web3, through career coaching, networking & negotiation. Our founder Rachel has placed hundreds of candidates in engineering, product, and go-to-market jobs at VC-backed tech startups. She founded xCollective back in January to help people navigate the transition from web2 to web3 work. We are going to launch our generative NFT collection in the coming months.

What is xCollective?
Our goal is to make hiring in web3 more inclusive by minimizing the gender network gap and the gender pay gap. Our long term vision is to turn our community into a decentralized, crowdsourced recruiting platform - where we can support people across the globe when it comes to enhancing their professional opportunities and careers, specifically in web3 roles.

What's the future you dream of?
Our goal is to get hundreds of people jobs and create more diversity and inclusion in the web3 workplace.

What made you want to build your community on Geneva?
Geneva is a much more engaging, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to other messaging apps out there.

Why are you excited about web3?
There are lots of ways to make hiring and recruiting more incentivizing, efficient and transparent using the blockchain!

How can someone learn more about xCollective and get involved?
Follow us on twitter @xcollectiv

Build your web3 communinty on Geneva!

If you’re a community leader who's excited about web3 tools and want access to our native token-gating & wallet connect beta features, email our head of community, Kim, at kim@geneva.com and tell us a little bit about what you're up to!